Langevin dynamics

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I have a question regarding Langevin dynamics in LAMMPS. I would like to do a simulation under the NVT ensemble with Langevin thermostatting and a modified Velocity Verlet for time integration as in N. Gronbech-Jensen and O. Farago, Mol. Phys. 111, 983 (2013). I am applying an external force on some atoms, and hence the NVE ensemble would not be valid. Would the following four lines produce a NVT ensemble with Langevin dynamics?

fix langevinFix all langevin \{temp1\} {temp2} \{relaxationtime\} {seed} gjf yes
fix lforce left aveforce NULL NULL -\{force\} fix rforce right aveforce NULL NULL {force}
fix nveFix all nve

On the LAMMPS page the combination of fix langevin and fix nve is mentioned as a method to achieve Brownian dynamics, which is not what we intend as we are applying an external force to the system. How could one achieve Langevin dynamics simulations in LAMMPS?

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It would not technically be an NVT ensemble if you’re applying an external force. It will produce Langevin dynamic though.

Thank you! Yes, I was imprecise, I meant of course simulations at approximately constant temperature.

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