lattice custome

Dear Lammps users,

I am going to make a nanoparticle with the lattice(custom) command from a Triclinic unit cell. but how can I put atoms by create_atom command inside this nanoparticle region?Since, Triclinic primitive unit cell cannot repeat in an orthogonal space and create atoms command does not have anything to insert this matter.

should I first make a supercell crystal by( lattice custom and region prism commands) and then cut the nanoparticle from this supercell?!

any comment is highly appreciated!

best regards,
Bahman Daneshian

Not sure what you are asking. The create_atoms
command will tile a triclinic box with atoms on
a lattice. If you want to create one nanoparticle
that way, you can save it to a date file, then
convert it (by hand) to a molecule file. Just
some simple editing to match the molecule
file format. Then you could use the create_atoms
command to create multiple instances of the
molecule file (e.g. nanoparticles) in a bigger
box, orthogonal or triclinic.