Lattice orient: These vectors must be orthogonal!?!

Hi all,

Can anyone tell me how the following lattice orient vectors could possibly not be right handed!?! This is text-book…

lattice fcc 4.05 orient x 0.8 0.6 0 orient y -0.6 0.8 0 orient z 0 0 1

Yet, when I run the simulation I get the following error:
ERROR: Lattice orient vectors are not right-handed (lattice.cpp:224)


The orient values must be integer values.


Brilliant, thanks!

Seems like a very simple fix, to enable decimals?

Anyway, you saved me an hour or two of head scratching!!


No, because the text book also says the Miller Indices should be integers.


Not under the error section, which just says:

*Lattice orient vectors are not right-handed*
The three specified lattice orientation vectors must create a right-handed coordinate system such that a1 cross a2 = a3.

Here i am just doing Ctrl-C&Ctrl-V of the part of the LAMMPS manual on latttice command, orient keyword:-

The orient option specifies how the unit cell will be rotated when mapping it into the simulation box. The dim
argument is one of the 3 coordinate axes in the simulation box. The other 3 arguments are the crystallographic
direction in the lattice that you want to orient along that axis, specified as integers.