LDA+U incar settings

I am in the process of trying to automate the self-consistent value of Hubbard U for a structure hence, I am attempting to use the LDAU related keywords in the user_incar_settings dictionary. The structure is a 32 atom supercell which has the magnetic moments specified.

incar_settings={'LMAXMIX':4,'ICHARG':0,'LDAU':True,'LDAUTYPE':3, 'LDAUL':{'Mn1':2,'Mn':2,'Te':-1},

I then generated a static run using the MPStaticSet

static = MPStaticSet(structure,user_incar_settings=incar_settings)

But I find that the LDAU related keys are missing, e.g.



Any idea of what is going on and how to fix it?

Delete all ‘Mn1’ and try again.