Learning LAMMPS

How can I learn LAMMPS in a professional way by myself? Unfortunately I don’t have any expertise around me except online. Is this possible to analyze and publish any research paper based on my analysis by my own studying? I am from civil engineering department.

Learn using LAMMPS (that is straightforward, just follow the documentation, all ~3000 pages of it) or learn doing meaningful MD simulations with LAMMPS as the MD “engine” (that is hard on your own).

I seriously doubt that. You may just have to look beyond your department.

Possible but very unlikely. You are bound to repeat many (mostly subtle) mistakes that were found out by a large community over the last 60+ years.

Which means that you are missing a lot of the fundamental training in your education (e.g. statistical mechanics and thermodynamics).

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How can I learn these topic? though the basic about that topic I studied in my 12th grade( statistical mechanics and thermodynamics)

You need to find yourself a tutor, best a local one that can look over your shoulder when needed.

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