LGPL re-licensing of LAMMPS

Hi all - we currently distribute LAMMPS under a GPL license. We’d
like the option to re-license it under LGPL. See the rationale below.

So if you have made a source code contribution to LAMMPS, please keep
reading. Otherwise you can ignore this email.

Part of the re-licensing process is to get approval from everyone who
has contributed code to LAMMPS to say it is OK for their code to be
included in an LGPL release. This is at the level of new file(s) or
significant changes to an existing file, not a small change or

This week we sent emails to everyone whose name appears as an author
at the top of LAMMPS source files. But some people’s email addresses
are out-of-date (bounce), or we may have missed some contributions.

My request is, if you didn’t receive a personal email and have
contributed code to LAMMPS as I described, please email me a
simple yes/no as to whether you are OK with an LGPL release of your code
and tell me what code it is. Or to ask any Qs you may have about it.
Please send the email to sjplimp at sandia.gov, not to the mail list.

Note that we are happy to remove your code if you don’t want it to be
part of an LGPL distribution. This broadcast to the mail list is part
of showing due diligence on our part to contact all the relevant code
authors. If we don’t hear from someone, we will assume they are OK
with the LGPL release.