libfwrapper for the example/Couple/simple/simple.f90

hi everyone,

I would like to have some help with the declaration of the subroutine lamps_extract_compute in the libfwrapper.c

void lammps_extract_compute_vect_(int64_t *ptr,char *id,int *style,int *type,double *data, int *n, int string_len)


     int i;

     void *obj;
     obj = (void *) *ptr;
     char *cpy;
     double *cdata;

     cpy =(char *) calloc (string_len + 1, sizeof(char));


     printf("cpy= %s\n",cpy);
     printf("*style = %d\n", *style);
     printf("*type = %d\n", *type);

     cdata = lammps_extract_compute(obj,cpy, *style, *type);
     if (cdata == NULL) {

     for (i=0; i<*n; i++) {
// data[i]= cdata[i];



Thanks for the help

Did you look in COUPLE/fortran2 ?

The wrapper there is more current with the LAMMPS lib interface,
and Karl Hammond (see the README) supports it.

If you update fortran/libfwrapper.cpp to support the current lib
interface, please send us the new file.