linker errors in the latest version (SVN mirror)

hi again,
   we now have multiple linker errors of the type:
fix_rigid.cpp:(.text+0xd53): undefined reference to `MathExtra::q_to_exyz(double*, double*, double*, double*)'
fix_rigid.cpp:(.text+0xd8f): undefined reference to `MathExtra::omega_to_angmom(double*, double*, double*, double*, double*, double*)'

the prototype looks fine for this particular function
  void q_to_exyz(double *q, double *ex, double *ey, double *ez);

but there doesn't seem to be an instantiation in the header and there is no math_extra.cpp

I hope this is not a red herring on my part,

This is my fault - I check unfinished changes into SVN to archive
them, forgetting
about the nightly mirroring. I'll finish those changes today.

I need to stop doing that.