Linking multiple potential files to two different atom regions

I am simulating nanoimprint lithography of a gold substrate with a silicon mold. I’m new to lammps and cannot figure out how to link the two meam potential files of gold and silicon to their respective atom groups. If anyone would be kind enough to share a code snippet of a system involving multiple atoms and how they’re linked to their potentials, it’d be really helpful.

You need to setup a simulation where you use just a single set of potential files. This should be possible when you carefully study the documentation for the pair style and the description of the file formats. You would use the same “library” file to get the generic parameters and then manually edit the “customization” files in together while adjusting the numerical element indices

The alternative would be to use pair style hybrid, but then you would not get the correct embedding energy at the Interface.

Using hybrid would be easier with EAM and Tersoff and LJ or Morse for the interface interaction.