Lmp_serial: command not found

I have been trying to make lammps work in linux, I finished “make serial” in src/, and I see that lmp_serial is part of that, but when I type lmp_serial, it still says “lmp_serial: command not found”. I read earlier that it is important that the executable is added to the path, so what I did is

export PATH=/path/to/“address of lammps from the home directory”/:$PATH

but this was to no avail… Does anyone know why it still tells me that “lmp_serial: command not found”?

Have you tried providing the full path to lmp_serial ? Something like :

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I did both, I think at least… But probably if I had done it correctly I wouldnt have gotten an error message… I just did

export PATH=/path/to/********:$PATH

with ********* being the directory location where I am currently, which is the src directory

If I check
echo $PATH
it says it is there…

it is correct that if I am in the src/ directory I should find something instead of lmp_serial: command not found when I type lmp_serial in this directory right?

you should have done:

export PATH=/********:$PATH

No. Unlike on Windows/DOS, the current folder is not part of the search path define by the PATH environment variable. That is for security reasons.
What should work, if you are in the folder of the executable is using: ./lmp_serial
That won’t be consulting $PATH, but is a “full qualified path” with ‘.’ being the current folder.

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I have used your alternative export PATH code and now it said:
LAMMPS (23 Jun 2022 - Update 1)
so I think this is good!! thanks!