MACHDYN package

Hi there,

I am trying to install the MACHDY package and I am using lammps-3Mar20. I followed the instruction on the Build Package Page. But an error popped up saying

Package MACHDYN does not exist
make: *** [yes-MACHDYN] Error 1

Then I check the packages in lammps/src folder, and I couldn’t find the folder for MACHDY. Is this package excluded or am I missing something? Thank you so much for your help.

Take care,

The step you are missing is that you have to look at the documentation for the version of LAMMPS that your are using and/or trying to compile. The online manual always refers to the latest patch release version (30 July 2021 currently) which has changes compared to the version you are trying to compile. Most importantly, we recently did a major reorganization of LAMMPS packages that eliminated the “USER” package designation. In the process we also changed a few package names to be less ambiguous and because of that the USER-SMD package was renamed to MACHDYN.

So you either upgrade to the latest patch release version (with more features and bugfixes) or have to use the USER-SMD package name and use the documentation bundled with your sources.