Make issues on kim-api-v1.6.3

I’m trying to compile and install the KIM API(kim-api-v1.6.3), but I get two error messages when I give the command “make”. I performed the installation in the following procedures according to the manual.

  1. “kim-api-v1.6.3” is unzipped in $(HOME)

  2. cp Makefile.KIM_Config.example Makefile.KIM_Config

  3. vi Makefile.KIM_Config

I switched “KIM_DIR = $(HOME)/kim-api-v1.6.3” and “KIM_COMPILERSUITE = INTEL”. INTEL compiler is ver12.0

  1. To use "kcc_meam_LiSi__MO_596436139350_001” and “MEAM_2NN__MD_111291751625_001”, the former is unzipped in “examples/models” and the

latter in “examples/model_drivers”.

  1. make add- kcc_meam_LiSi__MO_596436139350_001

make add- MEAM_2NN__MD_111291751625_001

  1. make

When I carry out the command “make”, the following error messages appear.


This is a bug in the build system. Thanks for the report.

You can try the following fix:

Please replace the file


with the attached updated version and let me know if you have any further troubles.


Ryan Elliott

Makefile (6.58 KB)

Thanks for your reply.

After replace the file "kim-api-v1.6.3/src/utils/Makefile", the error by
the "make" disappeared, but probably the compilation does not completely
In the first place the reason that is going to compile "kim-api-v1.6.3" is
because I want to simulate by using MEAM potential in
Lammps(lammps-10Jun14). That's why I am going to compile kim-api-v1.6.3
which I added "kcc_meam_……" and "MEAM_2NN_……" .

I compiled "kim-api-v1.6.3" in reference to the contents of the reply as

cd kim-api-v1.6.3
cp Makefile.KIM_Config.example Makefile.KIM_Config
vi Makefile.KIM_Config # edit file as appropriate following the
instructions given in the INSTALL file
make add-kcc_meam_LiSi__MO_596436139350_001
make add-MEAM_2NN__MD_111291751625_001
make install
make install-set-default-to-v1

After replace the file "kim-api-v1.6.3/src/utils/Makefile", the error
and the warning were not given.

Next, I replaced "lammps-10Jun14/src/KIM/Makefile.lammps" as follows
to use "pair_style kim" in Lammps.

kim_SYSINC = -I/usr/local/lib/kim-api-v1/include

kim_SYSLIB = -lkim-api -lkim-api-v1

kim_SYSPATH =-L/usr/local/lib

And after doing "make linux" in "/lammps-10Jun14/src", the following
errors were given.


You will need a newer version of LAMMPS to work with kim-api-v1.6.3.

The 6Aug14 version of lammps is the first that supports the kim-api-v1.6.X series...