makefile problem


I am trying to create lammps using a makefile prepared for the machine named gauss but this error pops up:

make[1]: *** No rule to make target write_restart.d'. Stop. make[1]: Leaving directory /gauss/data1/iman/lammps-17Jun13/src/Obj_gauss’
make: *** [gauss] Error 2

Can anyone help me solve this problem? I should mention that I have no problem with making older version of lammps (like August 2012) using this makefile! Here is my makefile:

gauss = MPICC, MPICH2

SHELL = /bin/sh

System-specific settings

CC = mpicc
LINK = mpicc
LINKFLAGS = -g -O -L…/…/lib/meam
USRLIB = -L/opt/mpich2/gnu/lib -lmeam

There were some improvements in the Makefiles. Please compare your makefile with a current one and add or replace entries as needed.