Makefile setting to use the dummy MPI included in /STUBS


So I'm trying to compile LAMMPS w/o MPI using the dummy .h and .cpp
files given in the /STUBS directory. What should I do to the MPI_INC,
MPI_PATH, and MPI_LIB fields? I read on an archived help thread that I
should compile it, so I made the mpi files in the /stub directory

~Nickhil Rokkam

See src/MAKE/Makefile.serial


I probably should have mentioned this in my other email thread, but I
came across this solution, and am still getting errors. I tried using
a completely explicit reference to the STUBS directory and both times
I am getting the error that it can't find a bunch of MPI files
(undefined reference), ie MPI_Rsend, and MPI_recv along with a bunch
of others.

This is what the MPI section looks like now (changed the explicit
reference to the file back to the old one):
MPI_LIB = ../STUBS/libmpi.a

~Nickhil Rokkam

Dear Nickhil Rokkam,

you must compile the dummy MPI lib first. To do this, cd to STUBS dir and type
Then cd back to src and compile LAMMPS.
Best regards,