Makefiles for Ubuntu

Dear LAMMPS users,

as there are from time to time requests to have easy-to-use makefiles for building LAMMPS in Ubuntu, here you can have two such makefiles. They are intended to be used with compilers and libraries installed from the repository, and are made implicit where it is possible.

ubuntu_simple variant uses KISS FFT and no image libraries. In Ubuntu 14.04 you have to install g++, mpi-default-bin and mpi-default-dev before making LAMMPS.

ubuntu variant uses FFTW3 and jpeg and png libraries. So you will also need libfftw3-dev, libjpeg-dev and libpng12-dev.

It will most likely work with the same or similar prerequisites in older versions of Ubuntu.

Having libraries installed from repositories, you can also build LAMMPS as a static or shared library with these makefiles (see LAMMPS manual).


Makefile.ubuntu_simple (2.6 KB)

Makefile.ubuntu (2.67 KB)

thanks oleg. i've incorporated them into LAMMPS-ICMS and will forward
them to steve when when i ship the next batch of changes to him after
his (well deserved) vacation.