Making error (LAMMPS_NS::Neighbor) LAMMPS on ubuntu‏

To install LAMMPS I prompt a command by a basic Google search,

sudo apt-get install build-essential mpich-bin libmpich1.0-dev mpi-doc fftw2 fftw-dev libxaw7-dev

I downloaded December version of LAMMPS. Extract it and make serial or make g++.

Actually I am a beginner LAMMPS user.



You will almost certainly have to make adjustments in the Makefile you want to use. You now seem to have mpi and FFTW2 installed on your system sou you can build a LAMMPS version that uses mpi (i.e. not serial). I don’t know if this is really what you want, though. I usually used Makefile.linux to start with.
The building process is described in the LAMMPS documentation -
As a hint - use the mpi compiler wrappers (something like mpic++ or mpicxx), this takes care of linking to the mpi libraries.
I think it’s also a good idea to build LAMMPS first without any packages to get a working Makefile. Afterwards you can add the packages you need and recompile.


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