meam potential for Si

The document page says to define the meam parameters for Si as below

pair_style meam
pair_coeff * * ../potentials/library.meam Si ../potentials/si.meam Si

But I am not finding the si.meam file in the 'potentials' directory under lammps.
So, I am using this like

pair_style meam
pair_coeff * * ../potentials/library.meam Si NULL Si

is that correct?
Moreover, I am seeing so many data for Si in the library.meam file, among them 'Si92' data are the data taken from [Baskes .](

By just specifying library.meam, which data lammps would take for Si?

Anyone who has used MEAM potentials, pls clarify these.

The doc page is saying that you have the option
to provide the 2nd Si.mean file with params that override
those in library.meam. No one has provided such a file
for pure Si, so it is not in the potentials dir.