MEAM problem

Hi all.
There was a problem.
Computing speed for the test sample using the MEAM potential on the processor Phenom II X6 1100T ~ 10 times less than in log.meam.shear.9Jan12.linux both in parallel and using a single core. Compilation was carried out on Ubuntu 12.04 using gfortran 4.6. Moreover, according to System Monitor CPU usage reaches 100%. A test case using the potential EAM showed the computing speed similar to log.shear.9Jan12.linux.

Thanks for your help in advance,

I know nothing about that processor. Gfortran is also
probably not a very good fortran compiler. The example problems
are tiny. You can try a real problem from the tarballs on
this page:


Hello Alexander,

MEAM is slower than EAM,
so I would expect MEAM speed to be noticeably lower than EAM speed.

I can check on my laptop if you tell me what EAM potential did you use.