Mean square atomic jump distance

Hi sorry for another stupid question of mine i want to calculate the mean square atomic jump distance u for each atom during a time interval of t, i tried displace/atom but i don’t know how to control the interval t, thanks in advance

The displace_atoms command causes an immediate displacement of atoms according to the added keywords. There is no “time interval” t involved.

Thanks for your reply , how do i calculate 𝑢(∆𝑡) = ||𝑟⃗(𝑡0 + ∆𝑡) − 𝑟⃗(𝑡0) || of each atom using lammps

I don’t know a simple way with LAMMPS directly.

You could write out a dump file with the coordinates every ∆𝑡 timesteps and then post-process the data in a small custom program or script.

Thanks i will try that