Melting with fix heat command

I am currently working on a simulation of the melting of an Al alloy (layer 1) as a powder particle on an iron plate .

units metal
dimension 3
boundary p p m
atom_style atomic

pair_style meam
pair_coeff * * library.meam AlS SiS MgS CuS FeS AlSiMgCuFe.meam AlS SiS MgS FeS

I am melting the powder particles using the fix heat command after NVT and NVE relaxation of the layer, keeping the plate at a constant 300K using NVT.

variable dy equal ramp(0,180)

region laser cylinder z 100 20 50 11 51 move NULL v_dy NULL units box

group laser_cylinder region laser

fix laser_heat layer1 heat 1 2000 region laser

fix nve layer1 nve

The problem I am facing is that the atoms seem scattered; they should settle as a clump after melting, reducing the height of the layer (as per previous literature). Can anyone help me understand the reason?

Dear experts please help, same code is working fine with pure aluminum (using the Al99.eam.alloy potential). Could the issue be related to the potential?

Make sure that the region laser begins outside layer1 and moves through the sample until it exits on the opposite side. In this way, every part of the Al layer will experience the same amount of heat.

Adjust the speed of the moving region to pump more or less energy into the system.

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