Minimization with granular potentials


I am interested in energy minimization of a system of granular particles. These particles interact through pair style gran/hooke.

The LAMMPS documentation mentions “Pair potentials that produce torque on a particle (e.g. granular potentials or the GayBerne potential for ellipsoidal particles) are not relaxed by a minimization. More specifically, radial relaxations are induced, but no rotations are induced by a minimization, so such a system will not fully relax.”

In my input script (attached), I consider only normal contact forces, and thus no rotational motion.

I would like to think that my system will relax. When I run the script, no error is generated, and program keeps running without producing anything. It seems to be stuck somewhere.

Please let me know, whether it is possible to minimize such a system, i.e., granular potential with rotational motion turned off.

I am using LAMMPS (9 Dec 2014) version.



in.inputscript (522 Bytes) (34.5 KB)