model 3D coutee flow


I am trying to model a 3D annular rotating flow.

I am able to give let make annular walls and let them rotating by giving initial velocity and set force =0 on the wall.

My question is about the temperature. I only want the set the temperature in the regions close to the walls. The temperature calculation should exclude the velocity components due the rotation.

I wanted to

compute IDro group-ID1 temp/rotate
compute IDre group-ID1 temp/region region-ID1

You can make an annular region by intersecting two regions, via
the region intersect command.

However, you cannot a fix twice for the same parameter. The
second setting will override the first.

There is no current way to apply two biases to a temperature,
e.g. rotate and region in your case.




So the intersect command should look like this, right?

region ID interset 2 small-region out large-region


Sorry, you need to try it yourself and examine the output,
e.g. dump the atoms in the resulting region and
visualize them. Posting to the mail list
for reassurance is not a substitute for figuring
out yourself what your script is doing.