Modify MEAM equation

Hello LAMMPS users,

As the title says my question is regarding to a way to modify the equations involved for the MEAM, I want to do this to check on some variants included in some references,

As always, thank you for your help,

Mario Muralles

The source code is in src/MEAM/pair_meam.cpp.

That file gets copied into src when you include the

MEAM package.


actually the core of what the MEAM pair style does is in the fortran
code in lib/meam/
pair_meam,cpp is for the most part just a wrapper around that code. so
if you want to check out details of the MEAM formulation, you'll more
likely find the answer in the fortran library files.


yes, good point - the lib/meam dir is the guts of the MEAM implementation