moltemplate 1.0 molecule builder released. many bugs fixed

A major revision to the "moltemplate" molecule builder (1.0) for
LAMMPS has been posted at:

All previous versions were "alpha" quaility.
This is the first live, production release of moltemplate.

If you are currently using moltemplate, please upgrade to the new version.
If you attempted to use moltemplate before, please give it another try.

There are no new features in the new version. The new version is more
reliable. It should be considerably easier, and less frustrating to
use. Nearly 2000 lines of syntax-checking code have been added.
(Hopefully LAMMPS should rarely complain about systems built with
moltemplate. It's even possible that moltemplate together with the converter could be useful for troubleshooting general
problems with lammps users' input scripts and data files, even if they
don't need moltemplate.)

In addition, a number of bugs have been patched, and the
"" lammps-to-moltemplate converter has been fixed.
Documentation and examples have also been updated.

   --- description ---

   Moltemplate was designed for building coarse-grained biomolecular
models. (But it can be used to build all-atom systems as well.)
Moltemplate can create both: lammps DATA files (containing geometry
and topology), and lammps INPUT scripts (containing force-fields,
fixes, and groups). Unlike files generated by other conversion tools,
moltemplate gives users access to all of the force-fields available in
LAMMPS. Users can save molecules in moltemplate's compact, readable
template file format (".LT"), and share them with others. Molecules
can be used as building blocks for bigger molecules. "Canned"
force-fields (such as Dreiding, GAFF, TraPPE, and user creations) can
(in principle) also be saved in this format and applied to molecules
later. (Unfortunately moltemplate currently requires a lot of memory:
a 300000 atom system requires ~6GB of RAM. I will post a short
message when I find a way to solve this serious problem.)

   --- Please post bug reports ---

Bug reports from previous users have been critical to making this
software usable. My thanks to all previous posters.

   --- post your coarse grained models or force-fields ---
  If you have a new a molecular model or force-field, one small way to
expose others to it (and perhaps get others to use and cite it) to
post it on as an example on the moltemplate web site. Moltemplate
files are portable. Moltemplate and LAMMPS make it easy for people to
mix your models with their own. Feel free to email me examples or
tutorials you want to have posted. Links are welcome too.

I hope this software is useful.

Please tell people about moltemplate.