Does DREIDING force-field have implementation in moltemplate ".lt "files? Or in some other form, like OPLS from moltemplate examples?

File “” is mentioned in moltemplate manual (9.8.1), but I haven’t found such file

neither in moltemplate sources nor on molteplate website.

Hello Boris

   My apologies.
   You are at least the third person who has requested this
force-field. I am sorry that the manual is very misleading. I have
changed the manual so that in future versions of moltemplate the
manual will no longer mention "". (Unless of course, I
add it to moltemplaten.)

   Thanks for the feedback


    On a side note, if I manage to write a paper on moltemplate, I
would also be able to offer co-authorship to anyone who takes the lead
in converting a general force-field like Dreiding into moltemplate
format, and I'm happy to help. In any case, to make it somewhat
easier for end-users to convert new force-fields into moltemplate
format, I recently created this web page:
    I know this does not help you with your problem.