More computed per atom values than in the system

During testing the GK method example, I confronted with something strange. Even though there is only 4 atom in the system,
the command line "compute myKE all ke/atom" computes was accessed more than 4 atoms as I written below,
like "variable KE7 equal c_myKE[7]". And one result of output is like below.

10000 0.0012959407 0.015719458 0.20515511 0.16726816 0.22217051 0 0.22217051 0 0.38943867

Apparently, first four energies (10000 is running number) corresponds to atomic kinetic energy and summation of these is equal to
the final 0.38943867 value. However, I can see repetitive "0.22217051 0" value. Why these values are accessible and
what it means?
Many thanks in advance.

Jinho Ryu

It’s a bug - there should be an additional check on atom IDs in variables
to insure they are valid. I’ll post a patch later this AM.