MPContribs documentation

I have been trying to learn the python API interface for MPcontribs. I can follow the example on the query and download data section of the Materials Project documentation (Query and Download Contributed Data - Materials Project Documentation), but I don’t see any further details. For example, how can I get a list of projects. Once I have a project selected (I guessed the name of the database from the MPProjectExplorer webpage URL) such as “2dmatpedia”, but I would like to find the names of the items in the dataset. How do I do this? Is there more extensive documentation somewhere or are there more detailed (commented) examples that can be used?

@111457 thanks for reaching out. The docstrings for the functions in the mpcontribs-client library are the best place for documentation right now. To filter the projects’ info and retrieve a list of projects, you can use client.query_projects(). Happy to provide more specific examples if needed.