MPI Abort on rank 0

Dear Sir,

I am working on USER SMD of LAMMPS. My simulation box has about 75000 particles of 20μm cell size in 1mmX1mmX1mm with 87MB per processor in MPI run. This currently works fine with 4 processors. I have been trying to reduce the cell size of the particles in the simulation box (from 20μm). However as I run the code it shows :

cutoff for pair smd/smd/tri_surface = 0.016283

Step Dt Time PotEng vz_ind fz_ind
0 1e-16 2e-16 0 0 0

"ERROR on proc 0: Substitution for illegal variable (…/input.cpp:529)

your question was asked *and* answered before.
your problem has *nothing* to do with the number of processors.