mpich2 for windows for lammps with MPI

Dear all,
I wish to install mpich2 for windows. For running lammps with MPI library.
the msi install file downloaded from the windows page of Lammps requires .NET framework 2.0.50727.
Is it really needed on windows 10? If yes the current version being 4.71, is it also suitable for mpich2 or is the 2.0.50727 version mandatory ?
Should I install MPICH2 first and then windows lammps_mpi pre-binary or the order has no importance ?
Thanks a lot in advance.

If you want to use the precompiled LAMMPS windows binaries, you must download the exact MPI package indicated on the web page for those packages. The MPICH package you downloaded is not compatible as it depends on different compilers.


Thanks a lot Axel
I will do so.
Best regards

Pascal Brault
CNRS-Université d’Orléans
Chargé de Mission Energie INSIS