MPRester doesn't seem to work with historical mp-ids that were re-assigned

I have an older spreadsheet referencing “mp-769834”. Actually, this is in the electronic transport database in MPContribs.

If I search the MP web site for this MP id, I get back results for a different MP id - “mp-761284”. I presume, but did not confirm, that this is actually a proper redirect to the same material but a new id was assigned. So the web site is redirecting properly.

But if I try to get data via MPRester, it doesn’t work unless I use the new id:

from pymatgen import MPRester

mpr = MPRester()
print(mpr.get_data("mp-761284", prop="e_above_hull")[0])  # new ID works
print(mpr.get_data("mp-769834", prop="e_above_hull")[0])  # old ID fails

Btw two notes on this:

  1. It is fairly common - I am running a script right now but am already up to 500 instances where this error occurs
  2. I am aware that I can use the function:

to convert the old ID to the new ID prior to looking up the data. But, I feel like few people are going to have the knowledge to know that they can throw the old materials ID in this lookup function based on task IDs. Rather, they are just going to assume that the MP data disappeared.