Dear All,
I am using LAMMPS (14 Feb 2014) and have some questions about fix msst :

For each Us I specify, I obtain one point on the Hugoniot. To get a Hugoniot curve, I would need a series of shocks with different Us.I have read Reed’s paper(about msst):
Reed, Fried, and Joannopoulos, Phys. Rev. Lett., 90, 235503 (2003).
In Reed’s paper,he can carry out the simulation of multiwave structure behavior due to elastic-plastic response or phase transition.
However,‘fix msst’ only get one Up on the Hugoniot for each Us I specify .When plastic wave speed approximates elastic wave speed,I just can not judge whether the ‘Up’ I get is in plastic wave or elastic wave? It seems difficult to get the multiwave structure behavior.Can I get multiwave structure behavior?

Thank you very much for your answer

As this is a MSST question but not a LAMMPS one, why don't you direct
your question to Evan Reed (Stanford) and/or Larry Fried (LLBL)?


Thanks for your answer.
From Reed’s paper,multiwave structure behavior can be simulated.However,I wonder whether ‘fix msst’ in lammps can do that the same as Reed’s program?
Manual tells me that this command performs the Multi-Scale Shock Technique (MSST).Is it the same as Reed’s Msst or a little different from Reed’s?
I think the programmer who creates ‘fix msst’ in lammps can answer the question.

Thank you very much.