Multilayer charged system

19_05_2022.txt (3.7 KB)
I have attached the input file here to simulate an adsorption of charged polyelectrolyte on a charged system here. The template files used in this input have been previously uploaded by me, I am missing some bonded atoms while running the simulation could someone guide me where I need to change parameters in this input file?

I am specifically getting the error of bond atoms missing in certain errors, could someone help ?

20_05_2022.txt (3.8 KB)
This is the revised input file in which the error comes as bond atom missing, could someone help?

co-ion.tmp (81 Bytes)
counter-ion_negative.tmp (79 Bytes)
counter-ion_positive.tmp (80 Bytes)
pe_negative.tmp (1.1 KB)
pe_positive.tmp (1.0 KB)
The corresponding Template files are here