Multiple mp-ids associated with same compound

While fetching data of a compound via API in python, more than one mp-id is associated with almost every compound I fetched.
For example: following mp-ids associated with Mn20 compound
[‘mp-920153’, ‘mp-906380’, ‘mp-919124’, ‘mp-542909’, ‘mp-1105720’, ‘mp-1239103’]

Can anyone tell me the link or difference between all mp-ids associated with the same compound?

Rajesh Sharma

Hi Rajesh,

The different mp-ids are affiliated with the multiple tasks that get aggregated into a single document as the result of crystal structure matching. This is primarily because multiple DFT calculations are aggregated into a single document that provides all of the information on a given material’s page, but can also be because a duplicate structure was submitted into the workflow and was recomputed. The multiple mp-ids in this case are actually “task-ids” which correspond to the individual DFT computations that get aggregated into the comprehensive document about the material.

Thanks a lot Joseph for replying.