My simulation doesn't run when using kokkos package

Hello, I wan using kokkos package to accelerate my Reaxff-simulation, but it don’t run after the first step of relaxation. I was sure that my script file has no errors, and it can run on CPU computer without using kokkos package. Could you please give me some suggestions ?
My command is like this:
mpirun -np 64 lmp_kokkos_cuda_mpi -k on g 4 -sf kk -pk kokkos newton on neigh half -in

There is a lot of information missing to give meaningful advice.

  • What is your LAMMPS version?
  • What are your compilation/configuration settings? What is the output of “lmp -h”?
  • What are your OS version, compiler version, CUDA toolkit version, and Nvidia driver version?
  • What is the hardware you are running on?
  • What is the output of your run up to and when it fails?
  • Can you run with 1 MPI rank and 1 GPU only?
  • Can you run with KOKKOS enabled but without GPU (i.e. in serial, non-accelerated mode)?
  • How large is your system? What is a representative output from running on the CPU?