Neigh_modify exclude type with wildcard

I’m using virtual particles for bonding interactions so I wanted to use “neigh_modify exclude type” with a wildcard * to exclude all interactions with the specific particle type but it did not work.

neigh_modify exclude type 1 *

That didn’t work… am I using an outdated LAMMPS, it just doesn’t work or I did it wrong?

Thanks for the help,

Where in the documentation does it say that you can use wildcards for the exclusion type?

It doesn’t say any where about using wildcards but since you can when defining pair/bonding/angles coefs, figured I’d give it a try. So, I’m not crazy and it’s just not implemented. Seems like it would be useful :person_shrugging:

If the documentation does not say it is supported, then it is not. We take great care that there are no (intentionally) undocumented features.

There really is no need. You can achieve the same with groups.

group typeone type 1
neigh_modify exclude group typeone all