New collective variable module for metadynamics, ABF, SMD, restraints and more now available in LAMMPS-ICMS

hi everybody,

just wanted to drop a quick note, that LAMMPS-ICMS
has now a fully integrated "collective variable" module
for flexible restraints, metadynamics, adaptive biasing
force calculations, steered MD and more. This is using
the colvars code written by jerome henin and giacomo fiorin
that has been integrated and thoroughly tested in NAMD
for quite a while.

the port of the package to LAMMPS has been tested
and validated on some of the functionality that is already
available in LAMMPS in some way. Thus i'd like to
encourage anybody to try it out and provide feedback,
so that the package will be well tested when i submit
it to steve for integration into the official LAMMPS version.

more details on LAMMPS-ICMS and how to get it is here.