New Search API question

I read through the recent workshop on the use of the new MPRester API for accessing the Materials Project database. I was curious if there was more detailed documentation available. For example, there is an example offered for the usage of the method MPRester.materials.search_material_docs(), but the method also exists and it is not clear what search criteria can be used in conjunction with it. I am curious as to if there are recommendations/documentation on what fields can be. search with the MPRester.query method. The typical scenario I am interested in is collecting data from a subset of the database for use with machine learning and matminer (e.g. building data dataframe that can be used with a machine learning tool). I am looking for projects for my 4th year (EE) students to try out. They are familiar with python, but have less exposure to materials science and I want to support them in finding good undergraduate projects that can be finished in a couple of months. Thanks in advance for any answers to the above question or suggestions.

I’m sure someone more knowledgeable will chime in but for now you can check out MPRester.supported_task_properties for a list of properties that you can use in the query method, I believe both as criteria and properties.