New Stable LAMMPS Release 12 December 2018 is now available

Hi Everybody,

a new stable release of LAMMPS is now available from github and
Highlights of the included changes are listed here:

This release also has major improvements to CMake support, which we no
longer consider experimental. And many little inconsistencies and
oversights in the manual from the refactoring in Summer have now been

We encourage everybody to upgrade. There are some exciting new
features and we continue to improve the overall code quality and

It should also be noted, that this is the last release containing the
MEAM and REAX package. They will be removed from the distribution in
the next patch/development version. Both have long been superseded by
corresponding C++ implementations with many advantages.

The LAMMPS distribution now also includes a document giving an
overview of the typical steps, checks and the general workflow for
using github to manage LAMMPS development. It is also available
online at:

We thank everybody that has contributed code, effort, and feedback to
make LAMMPS a more powerful, versatile, and bug-depleted software.

The LAMMPS Core Developers.