new version of Lammpsfe is available now

Dear LAMMPS Users,

The company Scifes Inc ( has released the new updated version of Lammpsfe.

Lammpsfe now combines GUI + 3D viewer + Movie maker for LAMMPS.

New Lammpsfe provides many features asked by the users, which include

  • upgraded functionality of GUI,
  • support of parallel run for LAMMPS
  • colorful and customized backgrounds for MDViewer
  • and finally Movie maker producing videos with the push of a button, etc…

The new Lammpsfe is more capable, faster and easy to use and teach!

The goal is to enhance user experience with LAMMPS and increase availability to wider audience.

We are grateful for all the feedback and participation from our users to help deliver the new upgraded Lammpsfe! Keep sending us your requests and more feedback.

Please visit/check back for details, demos and latest updates.

The parallel version of LAMMPS executable bundle for Mac and LAMMPS serial executables (Linux,Mac,Windows) are available for download also.

Lammpsfe is here to help unleash the power of LAMMPS –> play with millions of atoms -> enjoy creating!

With best wishes,

  • Lammpsfe Team

Valeriu Smirichinski - Lammpsfe team member