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Did you build LAMMPS with the SRD package installed?
If not, you can't use the fix.


I run srd from examples of LAMMPS but it was not run completely because of
an error(Invalid fix style) so i checked fix command in input script.
fix 1 all srd 1 NULL 1.0 0.25 49894 collision slip
fix 2 all enforce2d
I looked at fix section in manual. i think this error is from different
option in fix command.if it is possible for you please help me.
Also i downloaded an example for polymer (bead-spring) from benchmarks and
run it but it had an error(Illegal special-bonds command)
Line of input script for this error is:
special_bonds 0.0 1.0 1.0

well, this is not the correct syntax for the special_bonds command.
it used to be a long time ago. but have a look at: