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I for one was very glad to see "make makeshlib" appear; I'd created my own
version some time ago that I'd been using up to now, though I've never
done any real library calls from Python for anything other than curiosity.

My personal favorite for dealing with the setting of environment variables
issues that inevitably pop up when installing shared libraries is the use
of the environment-modules package. If your system has that package
installed, you can include the "use.own" module, which then allows you to
include modules you have written yourself from $HOME/privatemodules.
If you have root access, of course, you can install the module in the
system-wide directory instead.

For this one, it might contain something like
## LAMMPS module file
   proc ModulesHelp { } {
      puts stderr "\tThis module loads the LAMMPS Python libraries.\n"
   module-whatis "loads the LAMMPS shared libraries into the environment."
   set LAMMPS_libdir /path/to/lammps/root
   prepend-path LD_LIBRARY_PATH $LAMMPS_libdir/src
   prepend-path PYTHONPATH $LAMMPS_libdir/python
## end LAMMPS module file

Then users type "module load python-lammps" or whatever you call the file
to get access.

Karl D. Hammond
[email protected]