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Dear Andrew

Can i visualize my output files moltemplate?

Yes, using VMD and topotools. I attached some instructions how to do this.

Moltemplate is not a graphical program, but it can communicate with
VMD through topotools and the "ltemplify.py" utility.

("topotools" is Axel's useful VMD plugin for importing and exporting
LAMMPS data files to VMD and generating bonds, angles, dihedrals etc
from molecular geometry. "ltemplify.py" is a script which converts
LAMMPS input/data files into moltemplate format, including data files
created by topotools.)

Currently, users must to run VMD and moltemplate as two separate
programs. I have not used VMD very much for model-building, and I
have not yet thought about whether it would make sense to try and
build a VMD plugin which would allow users to export their VMD
creations to moltemplate format or run moltemplate from within VMD.
My guess is that VMD thinks about molecules in a different way. I'm
not sure if I have resources right now to do this on my own without
help or guidance, but I'm open to ideas or suggestions.



README_visualize.txt (2.85 KB)