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lmp_linux -help
LAMMPS (10 Sep 2013)

List of style options included in this executable:

Atom styles: angle atomic body bond charge ellipsoid full hybrid line molecular sphere tri

Integrate styles: respa verlet

Minimize styles: cg fire hftn quickmin sd

Pair styles: adp airebo beck bop born/coul/long born/coul/msm born/coul/wolf born buck/coul/cut buck/coul/long buck/coul/msm buck buck/long/coul/long comb coul/cut coul/debye coul/dsf coul/long coul/msm coul/wolf dpd dpd/tstat eam/alloy eam/fs eam eim gauss hbond/dreiding/lj hbond/dreiding/morse hybrid hybrid/overlay lcbop lj96/cut lj/charmm/coul/charmm lj/charmm/coul/charmm/implicit lj/charmm/coul/long lj/charmm/coul/msm lj/cubic lj/cut/coul/cut lj/cut/coul/debye lj/cut/coul/dsf lj/cut/coul/long lj/cut/coul/msm lj/cut lj/cut/tip4p/cut lj/cut/tip4p/long lj/expand lj/gromacs/coul/gromacs lj/gromacs lj/long/coul/long lj/long/tip4p/long lj/smooth lj/smooth/linear mie/cut morse rebo soft sw table tersoff tersoff/mod tersoff/zbl tip4p/cut tip4p/long yukawa

Bond styles: fene/expand fene harmonic hybrid morse nonlinear quartic table

Angle styles: charmm cosine/delta cosine cosine/periodic cosine/squared harmonic hybrid table

Dihedral styles: charmm harmonic helix hybrid multi/harmonic opls

Improper styles: cvff harmonic hybrid umbrella

KSpace styles: ewald/disp ewald msm/cg msm pppm/cg pppm/disp pppm/disp/tip4p pppm pppm/old pppm/stagger pppm/tip4p

Fix styles (upper case are only for internal use): adapt addforce ave/atom ave/correlate aveforce ave/histo ave/spatial ave/time balance box/relax deform deposit drag dt/reset enforce2d external gravity heat indent langevin lineforce MINIMIZE momentum move nph nph/sphere npt npt/sphere nve nve/limit nve/noforce nve/sphere nvt nvt/sllod nvt/sphere planeforce press/berendsen print property/atom qeq/comb READ_RESTART recenter RESPA restrain setforce shake SHEAR_HISTORY spring spring/rg spring/self store/force STORE store/state temp/berendsen temp/rescale tmd tune/kspace viscous wall/harmonic wall/lj1043 wall/lj126 wall/lj93 wall/reflect wall/region

Compute styles: angle/local atom/molecule bond/local centro/atom cluster/atom cna/atom com com/molecule contact/atom coord/atom dihedral/local displace/atom erotate/sphere/atom erotate/sphere group/group gyration gyration/molecule heat/flux improper/local inertia/molecule ke/atom ke msd msd/molecule pair pair/local pe/atom pe pressure property/atom property/local property/molecule rdf reduce reduce/region slice stress/atom temp/com temp/deform temp temp/partial temp/profile temp/ramp temp/region temp/sphere

Region styles: block cone cylinder intersect plane prism sphere union

Dump styles: atom cfg custom dcd image local xyz

Command styles (add-on input script commands): balance change_box create_atoms create_box delete_atoms delete_bonds displace_atoms minimize read_data read_dump read_restart replicate rerun run set velocity write_data write_restart

Is MISC different than USER-MISC if so then i have to install MISC but i do n’t know how to install that. Because after typing lmp_linux -help it is not showing compute msd/nongauss.

lmp_linux -help
LAMMPS (10 Sep 2013)


Is MISC different than USER-MISC if so then i have to install MISC but i do


n't know how to install that. Because after typing lmp_linux -help it is not
showing compute msd/nongauss.

you install it the same way how you installed the other packages that
LAMMPS ships with.


or install a precompiled version of lammps that has it included.