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Hi dears
Good afternoon
My thesis is on the adsorption of three organic aromatics(Benzene ,
Toluene and P-xylene)
Incliding the Intramolecular Potentials (Bond Stretching,Angle Bending and
the Dihedral Angle),
I found from an article the potential parameters for such aromatics , but
they used

to compute angle interactions between triplets of atoms
                  Vb = K1(θ - θᵒ)^2 - K2(θ - θ0)^3

to compute dihedral interactions between quadruplets of
                   V(ϕ) = K3[1 - cos3(ϕ - ϕ0)]

such formulas are not included exactly in LAMMPS manual but I think that
the "angle_style quartic" and "dihedral_style class2" included in LAMMPS
manual can plays the role by some modifications and neglecting some

would u please guide me??
thx a lot