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This is exactly what I was talking about. You are trying to perform a calculation without knowing the bare minimum that is required to properly conduct this type of analysis. Have you tried to look into the lammps archives first for similar questions? I know the answer is no, thus go ahead and look there first. You are far from being the first one asking about conductivity in graphene. Do your full homework first. That will increase your chances of receiving a response from the knowledgeable people. When was the last time you invested your hard-earned money on a lost venture? I don’t like to volunteer my free time (time = $ value) to someone who sounds pretty much like a lost cause right from the start. Of course I only speak for myself.

PS: I was not referring to your command of the English but to a “computer language interpreter”. For the record, I was born and raised in Cuba so, English is not my first language either.