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Dear LAMMPS users,

I am working with 2D granular system with the periodic boundaries. The system has disk shape particles in two different sizes. I calculated the voronoi volume using voro++ package in lammps. But it seems like there is an issue with the output. The simulation box volume is not equal to the sum of the voronoi cell volume.

#The command I used is,

compute 3 all voronoi/atom

#I added individual voronoi volumes together with following commands,

compute 4 all reduce sum c_3[1]

#Finally I get the output,

dump 1 all custom {irunf} dump.voro.{b3} id type x y z radius c_3[1] c_3[2]

#output of the total cell volume,

variable t1 equal c_4
print "${t1}"