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Thanks Axel…

hi all

while trying to install patch.21Oct10 about compute atom/molecule shows the following error. Please anyone could help?
“…/compute_atom_molecule.cpp: In constructor ‘LAMMPS_NS::ComputeAtomMolecule::ComputeAtomMolecule(LAMMPS_NS::LAMMPS*, int, char**)’:
…/compute_atom_molecule.cpp:39:67: error: no matching function for call to ‘LAMMPS_NS::Error::all(const char [38])’
if (narg < 4) error->all(“Illegal compute atom/molecule command”);”

What version of lammps did you apply the patch to?

Why don’t you just download the current version, which has this feature included via the chunk mechanism plus many bugfixes and improvements.

In particular you cannot hope to apply a 5-year old patch to the

current version and not have a problem.