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hello users!!can anybody has idea how to calculate The orientational ordering parameter in lammps ?i know about bond order command in lammps can orientation order has some command in lammps??

The orientational ordering parameter is defined as the ensemble average of the second Legendre polynomial. i.e., P2(θ) )〈(3cos 2 θ - 1)/2〉,

any help appreciated…!help

what LAMMPS can or cannot do is described in the documentation.

it looks like you should employ the help of somebody local with good command of the english language to help you to better understand what is in the documentation and also formulate your questions in a less confusing way. you are discrediting yourself.

for example, there is no “bond order command” in LAMMPS, and - besides - “bond order” is a very different concept from “bond orientation”.