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Dear LAMMPS users,

The input script works fine for system up to certain lines (Line 2191 and region id 2100 ) , but beyond this line the script is not read by LAMMPS. is there any limits in LAMMPS input script with respect to lines or columns or processor hitting the limits , hence unable to run ? The simulation works fine for smaller system. Kindly , suggest to get rid of this issue if some one has come across this kind of problem?

thank u in advance

a few comments:

  • please always use a meaningful subject line. sending messages without subject is usually regarded as impolite on mailing list, and many people only read messages with subjects they are interested in, especially on higher volume lists like the lammps-users list. it is in your own best interest to have more people read your e-mail, too.
  • please always mention which LAMMPS version you are using and what platform you are running on.
  • if you have problems running some inputs, please report any error messages or warnings that LAMMPS is printing. those usually provide good hints of where problems are.
  • if you are using a recent enough LAMMPS version, there are no general limits to the number of lines or length of a line for processing LAMMPS inputs. i have been able to run scripts with 100000s of lines.
  • there are some limitations in individual commands but those can only be tracked down knowing what your simulation is doing.
  • most of the times when LAMMPS “hangs” it is due to somebody doing unphysical things in the simulation causing calculations to produce invalid numbers (NaN).
  • a general rule of mailing lists is that you get better answers when asking better laid out and formulated questions.