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Dear lammps experts,

I am going to install kspace package and I face with this error. How can I find the FFTW3 library?

loading initial cache file /home/lammps-5Jun2019/cmake/presets/minimal.cmake
– Running check for auto-generated files from make-based build system
– checking for module ‘fftw3’
– package ‘fftw3’ not found
– Could NOT find FFMPEG (missing: FFMPEG_EXECUTABLE)
CMake Error at Modules/StyleHeaderUtils.cmake:173 (message):

best regards,

You need to change the path in the cmake file to the current place of those libraries. Else if they aren’t present on your PC then you need to set downloads option to ON in cmake files for each and every missing library.
I would rather suggest you to rebuild the lammps with make command. It’s quite easy as compared to cmake.